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Everybody sweats. With the onset of the summer and the rise in the temperature, our sweating becomes more profuse. In fact, sweating is part of the body mechanism to cool the body. But, at times, excessive sweating can also be bothersome. Some people have a natural tendency to be drenched with perspiration from head to toe even with slight increase in the temperature.

Excessive sweating can also be triggered by stress, fear and other external factors. People, who are prone to be perturbed by stress and anxiety, also have a tendency to sweat copiously.

When sweating becomes more excessive and occurs with the slightest of reasons, then it necessitates some measures to control it, as the foul odor it generates, becomes irksome to you as well as to others, who are nearby. The saline coating it leaves all over the body also makes you feel miserable.

Your doctor can advise some medication if there are any inherent pathological problems that lead to excessive sweating. It can be any cardiac ailments, thyroid problems, certain infections and any pathological disorder. While such cases should best be treated by the physicians, it is advisable to control excessive sweating naturally.

The various ways and means by which you can control sweating are as follows:

1. Generally, obese people are more prone to sweating. Some experts relate it to the excess body fat in the body. Although dieting does not help much as far as controlling sweating is concerned, there is evidence to suggest that certain diets do contribute to excessive sweating. They are onions, garlic and spicy foods like curry. Eating too much of fish also leads to sweating. Hence, less in take of these foods might help in controlling excessive sweating.

2. The sweat sticks to the hairs and creates bad body odor afterward. So, shaving the areas in the body, where the sweat glands are located like the armpits, also helps.

3. Use of proper fabric is one of the most important ways to control sweating naturally. Cotton garments are suitable for this purpose. They absorb the sweat and hence, there is less chance of any foul body odor. Loose-fitting garments are preferred as they facilitate the free passage of air.

4. Use of chamomile oil and talcum relieves the body from excessive sweating. They also fight odor and hence should be used, while bathing.

5. Botox injection and surgeries are some of the medical options available at present. But they should be the last resort due to their harmful side effects. During the surgical procedure, a part of the sympathetic nerve that controls body sweating is taken out. It is an expensive procedure and there is no guarantee that it would control the excessive sweating completely.

Although sweating creates a lot of discomfort, one should also understand that it essential for the health of the body. Hence, in stead of being too much concerned or perturbed by it, it is better to accept it. This would in fact, help you in controlling it.

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Control Sweating - How to Stop Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/27