Excessive Sweating Causes- - Ways To Stop Hyperhidrosis

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Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis in medical term. Overactive sweet glands can be present anywhere in the body like palms, armpits, and feet and leads to excessive perspiration. Although sweating is a normal way of releasing excess body fluid and salts also responsible in dismissing the toxins in the body system. Generally excessive sweating can be indication of parasympathetic nervous system.

Expert says that overactive sweat glands can lead to hyperhidrosis. Several researches and studies showed that the causes of excessive perspiration can be thru puberty. Once a person reaches puberty, he is most likely prone to excessive sweating due to biological changes happening in the body. Other factors that cause this ailment include as hereditary, and menopausal. Besides bodily conditions, other habitual reasons are unhealthy diet, smoking, and heavy in take of alcohol.

In addition to this, pre-existing medical diseases that you already have may cause excessive perspiration. Medical conditions like diabetes experience heavy sweating; when the sugar level in their blood goes higher they tend to sweat heavier. To avoid this ailment is to cut down foods rich in sugar and monitor blood sugars regularly to prevent too much sweating.

Too much water and sugar can trigger too much sweat. The body cannot permit so much water intake, if the water reached its maximum level the excess amount of it goes down in the skin. Too much eating of foods rich in sugar can create the same effect, so it is advisable to minimize the sugary foods in order to prevent from too much sweating.

People engaging to strenuous physical activities are also prone to excessive perspiration than normal. When the body exerts too much physical activities and put under stress, the brain sends signal that it needs more water. When the electrolytes looses during strenuous work out, then it needs to replace with water. People who exert work outs drink a lot of water than the usual. The effect of too much water in the body causes excessive perspiration.

It is evident that people tend to sweat heavier most likely prone to anxiety and stress. Excessive sweating can be triggered by the behavior of that person as well as the environment affecting his mental health. This condition is treated as a medical condition rather that mental disease. If these behaviors are not controlled then you have the tendency to sweat more than the normal.

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Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition that bothers a significant number of Americans.  This problem is not only limited to teenagers with hyperactive metabolisms, any one can have sweating problems, The excessive sweating causes solution offers proven tips to quell that embarrassing problem for good.

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Excessive Sweating Causes- - Ways To Stop Hyperhidrosis

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This article was published on 2011/01/10