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The main concern you have when you are in a date or a job interview is to appear as confident as possible. With sweaty palms and armpits however, appearing confident can be a problem. In this situation, you need to know how to treat excessive sweating.

Perspiration is a normal body process. You will not sweat unless your body is subjected to high environment temperature, physical movement, and stressful situations. There are cases however when people sweat more than the normal amount. If you suffer from excessive sweating, you might have a case of hyperhidrosis. This medical condition is most visible on the person's armpits, forehead, and palms.

There are many ways to treat hyperhidrosis. These therapeutic treatments range from temporary to permanent and from cheap to expensive. If it is your goal to boost your self esteem, then finding a solution to the sweating problem should be your number one concern.

Deodorants with strong antiperspirant additives are popular inexpensive solutions in the market today. Consumers dab a small amount of the antiperspirant to key areas of the body, usually in the armpit. The effects of the antiperspirant last from 8 to 24 hours depending on the strength of the deodorant. Antiperspirants work by clogging the exit points of sweat glands so that moisture is not expelled from the body. For aggressive cases of hyperhidrosis, the antiperspirant might not work.

There are ways on how to treat excessive sweating. Skin cream and powder work like deodorants too. These products claim fast results after application. Like deodorants, skin creams and powders last for several hours only. There are plenty of these topical applications in the market so you must choose only those that are USFDA approved.

Oral medications are one of the promising solutions to excessive perspiration. The downside is its side effects which includes disturbance of the body's endocrine activity and dizziness. Overdose of oral pills also encourages long term body risks.

An expensive option is the injection of Botox to the affected area. It blocks the sweat glands and the results last up to 6 months. The negative aspect of this procedure is the harmful effect to the skin in prolonged Botox exposure. A procedure will cost you thousand dollars.

A surgery is another expensive alternative to the sweating problem. The doctor might either cauterize the sweat glands or cut them one by one. The procedure promises permanent solution however it is painful and stressful.

For an inexpensive and effective remedy to over sweating, natural treatments are recommended. These natural medications are results of scientific studies from traditional medicine. Thousands of satisfied products users testify that natural medication is safe, cheap, and effective. These products are guaranteed and approved by US Food and Drug Association so you are assured of its quality and legality.

Results to the treatments of excessive perspiration can't be achieved overnight. But if you follow your research on various ways on how to treat excessive sweating, you will not worry about that wet armpit again resulting to confidence.

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Grooming 101 - How to Treat Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/26