Is it Possible to Stop Excess Sweating?

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Are you sweating all the time, even when the weather is cooler? Is there any specific reason that you know of that could be the trigger for this excessive sweating?

Everybody suffers sweating from time to time and generally it is not a comfortable feeling. If you need to stop excess sweating from your face you may need to have tissues with you at all times. I know from experience that you can get through a box of tissues in no time at all from constant mopping of your face and neck.

It is not only moisture that is a problem, it is being constantly red in the face. Your head feels like it's about to blow a lot of the time. You just don't know where to put yourself until your system decides to let you cool down.

If your sweating problem comes under your arms then the best remedy to try first is an antiperspirant. If you already use one and it isn't working for you, now is the time to change to another brand. You may need a higher percentage of aluminum chloride, most contain only around 25% but there are others which have a higher content.

There are oral medications that you can take, but unfortunately most of them produce side effects. When you are trying to stop excess sweating the last thing you want are more problems piled on.

It must be stressed that excessive sweating is definitely NOT life threatening, but it IS uncomfortable and debilitating and sometimes has a very detrimental affect on your working life and also your social life.

This uncomfortable condition can lead to much distress and depression when it makes people's lives a living hell because they have not yet found a suitable cure or at the very least something which will help them to control their excessive sweating.

You may need to take a good look at your work environment. Do you have the means to regulate the air conditioning? Do you have a fan to help keep you cool? It is definitely best to avoid stuffy conditions, but I know that this is not always easy to organize to suit oneself in the workplace.

There are certain medical conditions which can result in excessive sweating such as menopause [in women], psychiatric illnesses and having an overactive thyroid gland. Diabetes can also cause sweating.

Having said that, most cases of excessive sweating [Hyperhidrosis] come about for no specific reason, perhaps it is genetic if you have other relatives who suffer the same problem.

It is generally accepted that being overweight can be one of the most prevalent reasons for sweating too much. If this is the reason you are sweating too much then you should be looking at doing something about losing some of those excess pounds.

Take a good look at your diet - what can you do to improve it? Do you take enough exercise? If you improve your diet and get into an exercise regime then you are going to feel better all around, your self confidence will get a boost and you should see some of that weight coming off - another confidence booster.

Don't just give up and suffer, there are too many choices of treatment for your sweating problem. First always try the simple natural remedies, if they don't work for you to stop excess sweating then you may have to move on to something more aggressive.

Give every method a chance, give it enough time so you can gauge whether it is working for you or not. If it is not then stop using that method and move on to the next one until you arrive at the perfect one for you.

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Is it Possible to Stop Excess Sweating?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28