Natural and Herbal treatment for excessive sweating

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Excessive sweating is a common problem which can make you feel embarrass. Excessive sweating is medical condition which is known as Hyperhidrosis. It can affect anybody at localized areas or the entire body.

The common causes of Excessive sweating are low blood sugar, cancer, Alcohol, fever and infections, spicy food, menopause, alcohol, caffeine, exercise, infection, essential Hyperhidrosis, emotional or stressful situations, warm temperatures and medications like morphine, thyroid hormone, drugs to reduce fever, lessen intake of alcohol or narcotic painkillers and mental disorders medicines.

Common symptoms of excessive sweating are excessive perspiration, headache, sticky perspiration, headache; body becomes cold, sleepiness, night sweats, dehydrations and unpleasant skin odor. If you notice symptoms like chest pain, weight loss, rapid pounding heartbeat, shortness of breath or fever then you should contact your doctor immediately. Do check with a doctor if your sweating is followed by chest pain or pressure.

If you are suffering from excessive sweating then you have landed up at a right place. Here you will get to know about the Herbal and natural remedies for excessive sweating. Natural and Herbal remedies are considered perfect option for treating excessive sweating as those remedies are free from chemicals and any kind of side effects. You can use Sweat Less for curing excessive sweating problem. It is an herbal and natural remedy which you can trust for overcoming excessive sweating problem. This safe, non addictive, FDA registered natural remedy for excessive sweating contains all homeopathic ingredients.

Homeopathic ingredients used in Sweat Less are Nat Mur (6x), Citricidal, Syphilinum (30C), Castoreum (30C), Lupulus (30C) and Argentum nit (6C). Sweat Less include ample amount of herbs that reduces excessive sweating and clamminess. The herbs included in Sweat Less balances fluid levels in the body to control perspiration. The herbs of Sweat Less address brain and nervous system health which helps to control emotional triggers of sweating.

Have 10 drops of Swear Less directly into the mouth. Alternatively, you can add 10 drops of Sweat Less in a cup quarterly filled with water. Children below 12 should be provided with 5 drops of Swear Less. You can shop for Sweat less online at It is reputed and renowned online natural remedies store which offers some of the best natural and herbal medicine for different types of diseases and problems. It also offers information on various diseases with its respective symptoms, causes and natural homeopathic remedy.

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Natural and Herbal treatment for excessive sweating

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Natural and Herbal treatment for excessive sweating

This article was published on 2011/12/23