Possible Cures For Excessive Sweating

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Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition that more then three percent of the population suffer from. Besides from the major surgery that can be done to help cure it like gland removal, there are many other ways you can help ease this condition. There is no automatic cure for excessive sweating; sometimes you may have it as a result of inheriting it from someone in your family. If you have inherited it from someone in your family then more then a simple cure may be needed. But for those of you who are brave enough to bare it here are some possible treatments for excessive sweating.

Use products that are high in aluminum chlorohydrate

Aluminum chlorohydrate is one of the main ingredients in anti wetness products such as deodorants. These ingredients work to block the ducts of your sweat glands so that you don't experience sweating as bad. They have several sprays you can use to cover your entire body with that might help slow down some of the excessive sweating. This may not always be a good option for people to use seeing as how the smell can be overwhelming sometimes and serve to make them feel even more uncomfortable then what they already do.

Dress in light colors

Wearing dark colors will make you sweat even more because dark colors are designed to absorb heat. Lighter colors are designed to reflect heat and keep you cooler. So one of the best ways you can help to ease your excessive sweating is to make sure not to wear dark colors when it is especially humid outside. If you're going to wear dark colors anyway make sure you use some kind of sun blocker to keep the direct heat off of you. Lighter colors will not have the same problem. If you are fairer skinned you have a built in advantage. But you'll still experience some sweating if it is hereditary.

The use of electric treatment

There is a new experimental treatment called iontophoresis that is supposed to shock your sweat glands to keep the sweating under control. This treatment can be done at a doctor's office, but it has been set up so that a patient can do it at home as well. The treatment can cost a couple hundred dollars but this price is affordable by many. If you are really strapped for cash you may consider their cheaper version called a drionic. This is a cheaper version of the more expensive equipment used for iontophoresis. Think hard before you consider this for treating your excessive sweating!

These treatments can all give you the desired result and help you to stop some of your excessive sweating. Some of them are far more serious then others while others are just small tips that can be easily applied. Look over which method you feel can help you ease some of your excessive sweating and start applying it today.

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Possible Cures For Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/30