Some Cures For Excessive Sweating Especially With These 3 Severities

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When you are looking for cures for excessive sweating, you need to know that there are various degrees or levels of severity. Some people will sweat profoundly while under stress or if they are under constant pressure the whole day through. If you are after an appropriate cure, then you need to know the level of the problem you're facing.

Start your search for a cure to this issue with an analysis of your symptoms first. These signs of the problem will tell you how serious your problem is, and what you need to do about it. At the point that you begin to see this as a genuine health problem, that's when you need to perk up and start taking notes of what you're going through.

You'll need to keep track of how often you sweat excessively or abnormally. For example, if you sweat while under high pressure, or if you're really under stress, in many cases such as this, a strong antiperspirant is all it takes. If you find that you sweat heavily all day and even into the night, then you might even wind up in surgery.

In addition to your sweatiness, do you notice any other symptoms that go along with the sweating? For example, have you also felt light-headed, or maybe you have had dizzy spells as well. Perhaps you have lost consciousness, became nauseous or queasy? These are symptoms that will determine specific remedies to put a stop to your excessive sweating.

The truth remains, you can be facing one of three different types of cures for excessive sweating depending on the symptoms. First there is the level of antiperspirants you can either have prescribed or buy at the store. If you have only a mild case to deal with, with sweating episodes that are hit-or-miss, then this could be sufficient.

The next level up from that is when you will need Botox or Iontophoresis. The FDS has just recently approved the use of Botox in this fashion in the United States, and this involves an injection into the under-arm area. This method shows much promise and maintains effectiveness for months. Iontophoresis involves placing the area in question in water and then giving it a mild electrical shock.

Finally, the third degree of cures for excessive sweating is to have surgery. Surgery ought to be considered as a last option, no matter what it's meant to cure, but there are cases when this will be the only thing that works. For excessive sweating, this is known by the term, "cervical sympathectomy," which should be a full cure in the extreme cases.
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Some Cures For Excessive Sweating Especially With These 3 Severities

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This article was published on 2010/10/22