Some Home Remedies For Excessive Sweating

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Excessive sweating is a condition that may only offer remedies that require you to go to the doctor. The doctor may be able to tell you what steps to take to help you with your excessive sweating. But some people do not want to go to the doctor to get treatment. They may have every intention to go, but they want to try out some other remedies first before they go. There are a few home remedies for excessive sweating you can try out. Some of these remedies are weird and may not work out that well for you, while others may be taken more seriously. Here are some home remedies for excessive sweating.

Use powders

You can try using strong powders to absorb some of the wetness on your body. This will probably work better for people who have regular hyperhidrosis because the sweating will occur all over their body. For the people who suffer from the focal hyperhidrosis they may have a harder time applying powders in places like under their arms or on the soles of their feet. But powder has already been used for a while now to help treat wetness in feet. So there is no reason why the same technique can't be applied o help you absorb some of the other wetness on other areas of your body.

You can soak yourself in ice cold water

As silly as this may sound it has been said that a good way to treat excessive sweating is to soak yourself in ice cold water for about thirty minutes. If you do this it's supposed to shrink your pores enough so that it prevents sweating for up to almost three hours. This will come in handy if you are planning to do something short term like go on a job interview or go out on a short date with somebody. It may also help if you put some salt into the water because salt is also supposed to help with excessive sweating. If you are not comfortable with cold water then you can make the water luke warm.

Cut back on smoking and drinking

Smoking cigarettes is said to increase some of the chemicals in your body that cause you to sweat more, so try to stay away from smoking for a while and see if that has an effect. If you drink a lot this has been said to dilate some of the vessels in your skin which will serve to increase your body heat. Once your body heat increases you'll begin to sweat more. So avoid doing these things to excess. As hard as it might be to quit these habits you will want to give it a try if you seriously hope to help out your condition. Because if you don't the last resort may be surgery for you.

Try out some of these cures to help you cure your excessive sweating. Remember, don't dismiss these cures as just silly nonsense, try them out first to see if you find yourself sweating less.

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Some Home Remedies For Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/30