Top 3 Tips to Cure Excessive Sweating

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Excessive sweating is a nightmare for those who suffer from this condition. First some basic facts. in my search for solutions to this problem, I found that between 1% and 3% of the US population suffer from this condition which is known in medical circles as Hyperhidrosis (there are many different spellings of this word - not sure which one is correct, but the one I used seems to be used the most).

All the descriptions I read never really explained how terrible and frustrated I used to feel because of my excessive sweating. Actually, I even felt jealous of people talking about sweaty armpits, or sweaty hands. My sweating was not only out of control but affected all my body.

It was obvious to me that my sweat glands were being over stimulated and not only was I expelling toxins but also lots of essential nutrients in addition to feeling miserable in my professional and social life. Needless to say that antiperspirants did worked very little in solving the problem. They mostly succeeded in staining my clothes. Botox injections were out the question since I could never afford the over $1000 cost, nor was I ready to take unknown risks.

I did finally reduce 80% of my excessive sweating by following these 3 major rules.

1 - If you want to cure or reduce excessive sweating be careful of what you eat.
Certain foods will make your body perspire more while other foods will make your perspiration smell bad. This adds even more problems to an already difficult condition. This is just a short list of foods to avoid:

• Spicy food
• Curries
• Caffeine
• Alcohol

2 - If you want to reduce excessive sweating you must lose weight.

Obvious and yet we do not want to admit that human bodies were not meant to carry extra pounds of fat that it cannot metabolize. Getting rid of unnecessary fat not only will contribute to your overall health but will put much less stress on your sweat glands. To be overweight means a lot more energy just to move and therefore more heat and more perspiration.

3 - To reduce excessive sweating you must learn to relax.

Plain common sense will tell you that the more stressed you are, the more sweat your body will produce. Sweaty hands, sweaty armpits are, more often then not, the natural response from our brain to unnecessary stress. Never were relaxation techniques more appropriate to cure or reduce excessive sweating.

Having said that and the 3 promised tips having been laid out, the question becomes how does it all fit? What goes first and what next? If there are food I should not eat there must be some I should definitely consume to cure excessive sweating. Losing excessive pounds is easier said than done...

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Top 3 Tips to Cure Excessive Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/30