Treatment For Excessive Sweating - Your Options to Overcome Profuse Sweating

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Sweating maybe normal but when it involves excessive sweating, you might want to seek help as sometimes there may be underlying conditions that cause your body to sweat too much. Especially if it affects your social life, withdrawing from the society and avoiding people may not be the best way to deal with it. Treatment for excessive sweating is available so keep yourself informed of the many available options.

Treatment for excessive sweating may include antiperspirants. This is particularly applicable if you are experiencing too much sweating on the underarms or on the feet. Lotions are also available to keep your hands dry and not sweaty. These are however available through prescriptions of your doctor, although some other topical creams and lotions that are used to treat too much sweating can be available over the counter.

In some cases when the affected area requires a stronger treatment, a solution of aluminum chloride can also be used at night.

In cases that excessive sweating has also led to odor problems especially in the underarms or feet, you must always make sure to clean the affected area with soap and water. Antiseptic soaps and antibacterial creams can also help a lot in eliminating odors in those areas.

Botox is also another treatment for excessive sweating but it can also be expensive and can be painful. In addition to being expensive, Botox treatment is also temporary when it comes to treating this condition and thus it is being administered repeatedly.

Oral medications are also used in treating profuse sweating or hyperhidrosis. However, like any oral medication, there are also possible side effects to these medications that may include blurry vision and dry mouth. As doses are increased, chances of side effects may also increase. For some, electronic devices such as the Drionic are their way of stopping too much sweating.

With all the side effects, risks and cost of these treatments, natural ways are always the safer option to help you with profuse sweating. However, it is important that before attempting for any treatment for excessive sweating, including herbs or other treatments, you should check with your doctor and find out that your sweating is not caused by some medical condition or disease.

Some herbs that may help you in overcoming too much sweating includes tea tree oil applied directly to the area, although you have to be careful as it can also cause dermatitis. Sage, burdock, belladonna or the deadly nightshade are also other herbs that may help to control sweating.

Changing your diet is also said to control your excessive sweating. There are certain foods that may trigger the nervous system and eventually the production of too much sweat. Food intolerance, for example, can be a big factor in your sweaty palms or face, thus other natural treatments may include dietary changes and avoiding food that may trigger the overproduction of sweat.

Acupuncture and biofeedback are also other options that some people seek to deal with this problem. Lastly, surgery can also be a treatment but it should always be the last option. Aside from being expensive, the risk on undergoing surgery is also high.

Again, before opting for any treatment for excessive sweating, it is always wise to first find out what causes your excessive sweating and if there are no underlying medical conditions linked to to it.

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Treatment For Excessive Sweating - Your Options to Overcome Profuse Sweating

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This article was published on 2010/03/29